Baby Girl names in Kannada

Baby Girl names in Kannada with meaning

Here are a few popular Kannada baby girl names with their meanings:

  1. Aaradhya (Worshipped, Adored)
  2. Aditi (Boundless, Without a Limit)
  3. Aishwarya (Wealth, Prosperity)
  4. Anjali (Offering with both hands)
  5. Dhwani (Sound, Echo)
  6. Divya (Divine, Heavenly)
  7. Harshitha (Glad, Cheerful)
  8. Jhanvi (River Ganges)
  9. Kavya (Poetry)
  10. Megha (Cloud)

Note that these names are based on popular culture and personal preferences. It’s always good to check the meanings and origins of the name before deciding on one.

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